I dont know why, but I was not satisfied with the complete DVD back in the days…, thats why I uploaded some of the movies separate in the webshop.
but now (2022-2023) I will upload the complete DVD for my fans anyway 😉
x Verona


I made this 2018 DVD for a part in “vlog-style” (no make up etc) Like always you can find different types of movies:
Pantyhose Layers, high heels, latex / wetlook, bare feet, beach, blowjobs, cumshots, flashing, pee, bondage, and…. anal!
This last one was nog planned, I was blindfolded and did not know what was going to happen… [movie: Bondage in the gym]
When I got ducktape around my feet I got a little nervous…

PS I’m speaking Dutch, but also a lot of English


Many movies and pictures are also online on my OnlyFans: [18+ nude and porn, solo & boy-girl pics and vids] $24.95 a month [nylon, latex, gym, costumes etc. No nude just sexy pics and vids] $4.99 a month

PS if some how the download from your order is not working, or you didn’t receive anything in 24 hours, don’t hesitate to contact us