Hi Everyone,

Some of you guys already know my “Raffle Games”. (I played them 4 times a year: the Easter Raffle, Summer Raffle, Halloween Raffle, and Birthday Raffle)
You can buy tickets with credits online during my webcam shows, or with € / $ here in my webshop.

There will be only 1 winner for the BIG PRIZE
You can win a big box, send to your home, with prizes you like. I will contact the winner first.
An example whats in the box: a lot of nylon (stockings, pantyhose, etc), lingerie (panties, bra), a gymnastics leotard, legging, socks, my book, porn dvd’s or downloads, a personal video message, wetlook dress, heels, and so on….!
* If you dont want to receive anything at your home, it’s also possible to choose only for “online” prizes, such as dvd downloadlinks, and personal video message + a 1 year membership on OnlyFans, custom photoshoot, etc. etc.

x Verona

PS don’t buy 15x 1 ticket, but “fill in your price” as €20. And you don’t have to be online to win (but its nice if you have time to join us in the chatroom)


1 ticket = €2.50
15 tickets = €20,-
50 tickets = €50,-

“Fill in your own price” for example: €5 (and you get 2 tickets) -> I will make a picture from the signed tickets and send it by email to you,
after that I will
add them in the box with the other raffle tickets.
If you need some help just contact

de prijs voor 1 lootje is €2,50
met een korting krijg je 15 lootjes voor €20
en 50 lootjes voor €50

Wanneer je bijvoorbeeld €5 betaald krijg je 2 lootjes. Mocht je twijfelen of heb je hulp nodig kan je altijd contact opnemen via
na je betaling zal ik een foto maken van je geschreven lootjes (en die foto naar je email versturen als bewijs) waarna ik ze zal toevoegen in de box bij de andere tickets.

x Verona